Lava and Inside Out Review!


I was super excited for the release of this film!
Whether it’s just because there was a lot of teasers, because it seems like the characters were in every single advertisement ever, the amount of merch in the Disney store or just simply down to the fact that the storyline was an amazing concept to me, I was so so excited to get to the cinema last night.

In the adverts, we see a longer trailer of The Good Dinosaur which made me SO excited, and the same advert we’ve seen before for Zoo-Opolis, but I am still looking forward to it all the same.


First off, Lava was adorable. I loved the animation, it was so colourful, inviting and just refreshing to watch. The boy volcano was adorable, and his song had me smiling from beginning to end. It definitely had me missing my holiday though! Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall any of the other shorts I’ve seen before these films being a musical, so it was a refreshing change.
The montage scene was my favourite part of this short, it was completely effortless and the way the clouds moved over the top of the volcano, it was soothing in a way, which added to the whole innocence of the short.
When the lady volcano was introduced, my heart broke! It’s such a gorgeous concept for a short and without giving any spoilers away, there was an element of ‘they can’t leave it like this!’ Even with Disney’s love of pulling on hearts strings, it seemed a little harsh but of course we get that happy ending.
Lava on it’s own stood as an amazing piece and once again Disney did not let me down on the extent of their imagination.

On to the main event!

Inside out started with the line we all know too well from the adverts ‘Do you ever wonder what’s going on in someone’s head?’
It was extremely colourful to begin with and so adorable as we see the birth of Riley and therefore the birth of her emotions. I was curious to know if her emotions grew with her, so started off as little emotions but they don’t, Joy was the same age as she is in the adverts, so I wondered, after seeing that the mother and father’s emotions were older just as the parents were, when did Riley’s emotions start to age?

But! The emotions worked behind a ‘control console’ from which they pushed buttons and pulled levers that controlled how Riley was feeling and acting in the world around her, but when the film first started and Riley experienced her first emotion as joy, there was only one big yellow button, and as she grew older, the console became more and more complicated, matching Riley’s complicating emotions.

It is clear that Joy and Sadness are the main characters, after Sadness creates a domino effect of bad accidents that results in Riley’s core memories going missing into her mind, her and Joy are the two that go looking for them.  Disgust, Fear and Anger have minor parts but are still important characters to the plot, they adorably try to run Riley’s mind while Joy and Sadness are missing.

There is one plot hole I noticed, whilst lost in long term memory, Joy notices two memory workers sending a memory up to the brain in a shoot, and I wondered why they couldn’t send the core memories up that way…but never mind.

I love how clever every element of the film was, the long term memory, the islands that make up everything about Riley’s personality, core memories and many other elements that made me give a nod to the Disney team’s creativity and smarts.

One criticism I have of this film, is that past the colours and the obviousness of who the characters are, this isn’t really a film for young children. With the use of words like peripheral and subconscious, it’s easy to see why a young child would get lost, or have to whisper to their parents ‘what does that mean?’
Apart from these words, it would be easy enough for them to follow it to the extent that they’d enjoy it, but they wouldn’t get the message of the film the same way a young adult to adult would.

I did notice two easter eggs too! Bing Bong pulls the boot from Wall-e out of his bag while he empties it for Joy to use to carry the core memories and in the background of imagination land, on a pile of toys, you can see Nemo on one of the boxes.

Both of these films were extremely feel good, if not slightly emotional but they are not to be missed.

If you’re with small children though, be prepared to be asked a few questions on the plot!



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