Manchester Comicon 2015!

Manchester Comicon is a highlight of the year for me. Not just because it’s a great way to get loads of nerdy goodies, but it’s just a lovely atmosphere every year.

I went dressed as an Eevee myself, which yes isn’t a Disney character but it’s a pretty cute Pokemon!

On no other day of the year would you be so accepted dressing up in a costume of a cartoon character and have people coming up to you asking for pictures, or just to ask about your costume. It’s one of the most accepting places I’ve ever been to and after going for three years, I couldn’t imagine not going anymore.

But! I didn’t want this to be a soppy post, I wanted to talk about all the Disney stuff that caught my eye!

I went with the intention of coming out with at least one Disney item, although I told myself I wasn’t allowed any teddies, I think my bed would collapse if I even tried to fit anymore on.

But, if you think Comicon isn’t really a place for Disney fans, maybe you should think of attending next year. Not only was there a lot of Disney characters walking round, (of course there was a lot of Elsas and Annas, but I also spotted a Flynn Rider, a Rapunzel, a Carl and Ellie couple and Emperor Kuzco) but there was plenty of Disney merch on sale too.

The first booth to catch my eye was a woman selling hundreds and hundreds of Disney park trading pins. I had to stop myself from screaming with delight as I walked past. Behind her were shelves and shelves of vintage Disney teddies, but I tried to keep my eyes away from those.

A man was selling Disney video games going back as far as the Megadrive. There was a Lion King game. It took everything not to buy it.

One thing I did notice a lot of this year, were Pop Vinyl booths. They have become so popular over the past year that they dominated most of the booths and there was quite a Disney selection! No special editions and I must comment that they had raised the prices quite a bit for the day which I found a little bit of a smack in the face, considering that the larger Pop vinyls had almost tripled in price on some occasions.

It was the same at the Tsum Tsum booth, and although I bought myself a Japanese store exclusive Oswald, they were charging £12 for the special editions and £8 for the regular ones, whereas in the Disney store close to my home, they’re £3. That’s almost three times the price.


But! As I said, I did treat myself to some Tsum Tsum merch. The Oswald caught my eye, and so did these adorable Minnie and Mickey Tsum Tsum socks.


They did have Donald Duck versions but I thought these were so much cuter!

The thing is with the UK version of Comicon, because it isn’t as established as the San Diego convention, I find it doesn’t offer as half as much in terms of interaction with people who have paid to go, and content doesn’t differ from year to year.

Robot Wars attends every year and they have famous faces doing signings, but it would be nice in a couple of years when it has a bit of a bigger reputation, if we had bigger panels, game previews, film previews and just more on offer than the booths selling content.

Don’t get me wrong, I love walking around and seeing all the merch on offer, as well as getting to talk to original artists selling their comics and illustrations, but I feel that it would be nice to have some more going on to keep you there all day. We were done by half one in the afternoon because we were tired and sick of walking round the booths.

On our way out, I was talking to my brother about how I would have wanted one of the badges, but I couldn’t see any Lion King ones, but after he told me she had an entire case of them, I beelined straight there because I wasn’t leaving without one.



After trying to choose, I picked this one! Just because it was the only one with all the characters on. I wouldn’t have chosen one with scar on usually, I had an internal fight with myself for a while between this one and one that showed Scar saying his famous line ‘I’m surrounded by idiots.’ It was a tough call but my heart strings were pulled on by this adorable family picture!

All in all I had an amazing day, it was the first year I dressed up so I will be doing it again next year!
If you haven’t been before, Disney or American, you should definitely make your way there next time!


5 thoughts on “Manchester Comicon 2015!

  1. Hiya. I’m soooooo jealous of u r Tsum Tsum oswalf especially as I met him in Disney land last month. Think I should persuade my parents to go to Manchester comic con. Closer than Dan Diego!! ☺️

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