My Change4Life Stuff Arrived!

This is the best thing I’ve gotten in the post in a long time!

My Big Hero 6 Change4Life pack came in the post today and I am over the moon.

I opened it straight away and was overwhelmed by the amount of stuff crammed into that envelope.

The watch went straight on my wrist. Baymax’s little face on show. Then I started looking through the rest of the envelope.
The poster used to keep track of your progress and two pages of stickers, one for each day for the summer to confirm you’ve been keeping up with your exercise!

Then there’s the activity cards.  There’s 40 of them and they span across games for one person or groups of 2 or more people. Whether or not I’ll get someone else to join in is another matter.

They’re split into films, based on characters from the films. Big Hero 6, Finding Nemo, Princesses, Toy Story, Frozen, Monsters Inc and The Incredibles.  You’re going to need props for some of the games, things like old t-shirts, soft balls and balloons.

Overall, I am made up I am made up I got my hands on one of these and if nothing else, the watch is a great accessory.

Not got yours yet? Order one by googling 10 Minute Shake Up!


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