Merch Mondays!

I am in love with this Merch Monday!

Unfortunately, I can’t fit any more mugs in our cupboard. They’ve started to spread onto the kitchen counters and into the dish cupboards. Sigh.

But I can sit and stare at them on the website.

These mugs are from the new Argos Disney Princess range, a range that has had a bit of a buzz around it since it’s release in the new catalogue a few weeks ago.

The mugs are beautiful and have that dainty little tea cup look about them, they almost look like Chip from Beauty and the Beast!

They all come in white with a painted gold handle and you have a choice of three princesses for your cup.

You can choose Snow White, Aurora or Cinderella. I think I’d have to go with Aurora myself. If I could.

Each of these mugs are £9.99 each and they are available to buy now through the Argos website or by visiting a store!


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