Merch Mondays

I haven’t been able to wear earrings for a few years…I went through the ear stretching phase. Yes it’s in the process of being fixed but seeing all these beautiful earrings I can’t wear in the meantime is torture.

However, GeeklaChic always has amazing Disney stuff in. For men, women, kids, the home, it has many ways for you to express your slight or extreme obsession with all things Disney.

But, these caught my eye, and I’m very tempted to buy them and put them away for the day I’ll be able to wear them finally…

They’re NEMO earrings! Imagine walking around with little Nemo fishes dangling from your ears like little guardian angels swimming right next to your ears…..just me?

The picture off the website isn’t THAT great I’ll give you that, but they’re adorable none the less. And I love that they’re the hook kind, easy to put in and they don’t look like they’ll drag on your earlobes too much either.


I think they’re adorable and they’re available to buy from and for £5.99 a pair, I don’t see why they shouldn’t be a part of any Disney fan’s jewellery box.




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