More Tsum Tsums Announced!

It’s been a great year for Disney fans this year at San Diego Comicon.

Instagram users have been posting pictures of these sneak peaks all day, Tsum Tsums have their own booth at this year’s SDCC with huge Tsum Tsums to dive into and a selection of other products.

Judging by pictures, it seems as though vinyl versions of our favourite Tsum Tsums will be available and a couple of mugs were on show too.

But what people were getting really excited about, were the Marvel Tsum Tsums hidden around the booth.


CREDIT: JNYAMA (Instagram)
CREDIT: JNYAMA (Instagram)

Can you see the hidden Spiderman?

Another Instagram user posted this picture,


CREDIT: justJENN (Instagram)
CREDIT: justJENN (Instagram)

There is a hidden Hulk in this picture too!

There hasn’t been a date confirmed as to when we can get our hands on these, but I hope it won’t be too long!



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