Inside Out Comes to Facebook and Facebook Chat!

Facebook Stickers are a great thing.

If someone is talking to you that you don’t want to, they can be used to be like ‘look I’m being nice and sending you this funny stickman but I’m done with this conversation.’

Or you can use them to send to your loved ones randomly during the day to let them know how much you love them and to show you’re thinking of them!

They’re kind of reminiscent of MSN emoticons…but not as creepy.

But!Β Inside Out have recently brought their own set of Stickers to Facebook featuring all of the characters from the movie. You can obviously expect to see Stickers showing Anger, Sadness and Joy for you to annoy your friends and family with. They’re animated too which makes them super cute.

They’re so bright and colourful and make a nice change from some of the other collections I have on these, which feature this guy….



So go and download them! You’ll find them by opening a Facebook messenger conversation, click the small smiley face and click the + which will take you to the Sticker Store. They’re free!


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