Tsum Tsum Tuesdays : Aladdin

It’s Tuesday! Which means we have been let into the secret of the next Tsum Tsum collection that will be released into the world next month and it’s a cute one!

This new collection is based on the animated classic Aladdin!

The story of a street rat who fell in love with the gorgeous princess comes to your windowsill with all of your favourite characters.

You can find Aladdin, Jasmine, the Sultan, Abu, the Genie, Raja, Iago and Jafar.

Let’s be realistic though, because these are a brand new collection, unless you have the time to wait outside your local Disney store, or you’re just that lucky that you stumble across them one day, it’s probable that you’re going to have to wait for a few weeks to get your hands on these!

I don’t think they’re doing the medium and large versions of this collection, the picture doesn’t give any indication away except for the little ones, but I definitely need the Genie and Abu. Most definitely.

Also, just a quick favour from one Disney fan to another…if you know of the Tsum Tsum official twitter page, they put up a tweet not long ago about retweeting a certain tweet if you’d be interested in Lion King Tsum Tsums being released one day so…why not head over there and click those two little arrows ❤



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