Merch Mondays

This isn’t the first pair of pyjamas that I’ve done from Topshop, but they do some amazing Disney pyjamas that cannot be ignored! Especially when they’re featuring my favourite characters….

These pyjamas are perfect for the summer months, they come with a pair of baby blue shorts with a white trim. The baby blue matches the bottom of the t-shirt, which shows a picture of Simba, Timon and Pumbaa walking across the log in front of the moon which we see during the song Hakuna Matata in the movie.

The t-shirts from Topshop pyjamas are usually still quite thick, so it’s good that they come with a pair of lightweight shorts!

They’re Β£22, and you can buy them instore, online and come from size 6 to size 16.

It’s also my birthday tomorrow…so if anyone wants to get me a quick gift..these would be just perfect.


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