First Pictures of Lego WALL-E Images Leaked!

Lego haven’t been paying much attention to Disney in their lego collections.
Yeah they’ve released a few little sets and of course I want them all, but they’re really nothing in comparison to the sets you can get for franchises like Star Wars and The Simpsons.

But now, pictures have been leaked of Lego’s design for adorable Pixar robot WALL-E with little plant boot in tow!

The idea started through the programme Lego Ideas, which allows Lego fans to submit their dream sets in the hopes of it reaching the hands of the Lego designers.

The official set, which was leaked by a famous toy company, is not really different from the design that was submitted by the fan. The only changes really are bigger, more adorable eyes.

The set is due to be released in December (just in time for Christmas!) and will be around $40-$60, so I’m guessing around £30-£40, which isn’t too bad when you consider how much the likes of R2-D2 and the Death Star are.  If you haven’t seen how much these sets cost, make sure you’re sat down when you check.

Meanwhile, I’ll just be sat over here waiting for December to get my hands on WALL-E…but also praying for a Pride Rock set to be released….


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