Merch Monday

I haven’t wrote an article about a vinyl toy in a long time. Probably because I’m trying to stop myself from buying them because I have no more room!

But I seen these in Forbidden Planet yesterday, and unfortunately they were out of stock but I got a look at the displays in the case.

They are a lot smaller than some of the other Disney vinyl toys I have. I’m not sure HOW small so I can’t really tell you. Sorry.

The important bit is that you have a choice of 6 heroes and their 6 corresponding villains.  So if you look for Ariel, you’re going to want to try and find Ursula too. Or if you find Peter Pan, your collection won’t be complete without the matching Captain Hook.

They are blind boxed, which means you can’t tell which one you get. These are my favourite type of vinyl toys because there’s the element of surprise!

They are £5.99 each, and that be a little steep but vinyl toys are expensive!

With loads of Pop Vinyls coming onto the scene, it’s lovely to see a different style of toy hitting the shelves.

They’re available to order online through websites like Forbidden Planet and Amazon, or you can head into your local collectors store!


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