Tangled Is Coming To The Disney Channel! 

Tangled fast became one of my favourite animated films because of many factors. 

  1. Rapunzel is gorgeous
  2. Eugene and Rapunzel are the cutest Disney couple ever. 
  3. The songs are amazing 
  4. And I’ve never wanted a chameleon so much in my life. 

It’s been a few years since that came onto our screens and inbetween then and now, we were given Tangled Ever After which showed us Rapunzel and Eugene’s wedding day. 

But news came out today that these characters will be gracing our screens again in 2017 for a TV series on the Disney Channel!

The cast will feature the same actor and actress that played Rapunzel and Eugene, as well as Alan Menken and Glenn Slater who were responsible for all those songs we love to annoy everyone else with. (If you don’t sing When Will My Life Begin to yourself in the mornings, you’re doing it wrong.

In terms of characters, we will also be able to see our beloved Pascal, palace horse Maximus and the thugs from the Snuggly Duckling scene again, and we’ll be introduced to a new character, Cassandra who is Rapunzel’s confidant. She’s described as ‘tough as nails’ so they should be an adorable twosome. 

The series will be set inbetween the time that we last seen Rapunzel and Eugene at the end of the feature film where we find out they’re engaged, and the day of their wedding in Tangled Ever After.  No doubt it’ll be showing all the adventures that they get up to as Rapunzel gets to know the world around her and Eugene learns to live as a law abiding citizen. 

There’s been no news about the animation style as of yet, but I’m sure we’ll love it none the less!


4 thoughts on “Tangled Is Coming To The Disney Channel! 

    1. Well all the websites say he will be back! 😊 Maximus is adorable though. Thank you for your comment!

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