Disney Arts and Crafts!

I don’t know about you, but when the sun is up, I feel so much more enthusiastic, so much more creative and so much more inspired to get up and get things done.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a shift for me in work today so I had to push my enthusiasm into something else and this is what happened!

I remember seeing a post somewhere a couple of months ago that you can use jars and bowls to keep your Tsum Tsums in. Not only to keep them tidy because even though they are stackable, they can fall very easily, but because it makes them feel more like a decoration than a toy.

Also you may have seen a couple of weeks ago that I posted something about creating Disney princess paper chains and I wanted to try something new with that!
I went to the nearest bargain shop where you can get EVERYTHING for so cheap and I found everything I was looking for.

The jars I have seen people using in the past to store their Tsum Tsums have been clear, but I thought i’d try something different and bought a slightly ribbed jar. This kind of mushes their faces but I think it looks cool! Plus I love the old rope handle, it makes it look really simple and rustic.
Another style I would try though, would be a long thin vase meant for flowers, just because you could maybe get more in, but until my collection grows, this will do for now!

The other thing I was looking for was some cool frames and I found this gorgeous one that had no border on the glass and had a massive amount of space for me to work with. So I bought some glitter paper and sprinted home so I could get started.


I basically followed the steps that I followed last time and cut the princess out over glittered paper and this was my end result and I LOVE it. I’ve hung it up on my wall and my boyfriend has already requested a Star Wars version.

I’d love to try out some other characters, colours and styles of frame and who knows…I could end up opening an Etsy store in the near future….

If I was to start selling these, what characters would you like to see on there?


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