Merch Monday

I don’t think I’ve done a food item before…if I have I stand corrected and I’m sorry.

I work in a supermarket so I get excited about Disney related items very easily, which is great because it gives me more items to write about here.

Last week I was working in the fridges and I came across these items….I had to buy them.

They are strawberry yoghurt drinks from Danone and they come with Frozen characters and Star Wars characters on the bottles. They are quite a big size too. They’re obviously meant for children but I couldn’t finish it all in one go…maybe because I know the fat content and a child would be oblivious…

You can choose from Frozen characters Elsa, Anna and Olaf and from the Star Wars characters you could choose Yoda, a Stormtrooper and Darth Vader.

They come readily prepared with a straw that you free from the lid and pop it through the foil underneath, which means no spilling either!

They’d be perfect for day trips with young kids, long car rides or if you’re like me and refuse to drink anything meant for adults while you can still buy stuff like this.

They were £2.50 I think…They weren’t any more than that!

So whether you buy them for yourself or whether you think it’ll shut your kids up for an hour or so, I’d stock up on them because they’re gonna sell fast!


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