Follow The Re-Make of Beauty and The Beast on Snapchat!

Disney studios has been on Snapchat for a few months, giving us an insight to upcoming movies, giving us exclusive gossip and generally getting us all excited. 

If you use Snapchat, you’ll be aware of Snapchat stories, where people you follow can upload all of their videos and pictures into one long video for you to enjoy. 

Snapchat has always been a bit of a hit and miss app, a lot of people use it, but they’re not really sure what it’s real use is…but now our favourite singers, actors and actresses are using it to give us a little taste of their personal lives and now Disney is using it too! AHH! 

Disney studios is now letting us follow the re-make of Beauty and The Beast! So if you want to be in the know before all your friends, head over to Snapchat and add ‘Disneystudio.’

Wouldn’t it be cool if the Disney characters in the parks could use snapchat and show us what a typical day for a Disney character is like in the parks… day. 


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