How To Deal With Early Mornings Like A Disney Princess

Early mornings are not everybody’s forte. And for those of us who struggle to pull ourselves from under the duvet, sometimes it’s nice to have a helping hand.

Disney princesses are known for their flawless morning routines. Early risers with gorgeous hair and perfect makeup. Does that sound good to you? Read on to find out how to Disney Princessify (?) your morning.

            Have A Good Stretch


There’s nothing better to wake yourself up in the morning than a nice big stretch to wake up all your muscles.  It’ll make you feel all relaxed, plus it’ll warm you up for the next part.

Sing Your Morning Song


Every Disney princess starts the day off with a song. A song about their jobs, an exciting plan for the day or just about how lovely being a princess is. Have a song ready to wake you up that you love and it’ll brighten up your morning instantly. Have a little sing and a dance to make that smile even bigger.

Use A Ribbon To Flawlessly Pull Your Hair Into A Ponytail


When you grow up watching movies like Cinderella and Beauty and The Beast, you know the feeling of envy when watching the princesses pull their hair into a beautiful ponytail using only a ribbon. When you master this skill, you’ll truly be a Disney Princess.

  Get Some Wild Animals To Help You Get Ready


I’m not sure how I feel letting pidgeons and mice help me put my clothes on but if it’s good enough for Cinderella, it’s good enough for me. Open up your window and welcome in these creatures to help you get ready for the day.
Following these tips you should feel 100% more of a princess and maybe a little bit tired after all that prancing around.

If you don’t think this is the type of princess that suits you, you could always aim for Anna’s morning routine.



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