Merch Mondays

It could only be one thing this merch monday, and if you’ve been to Clintons or the Disney store lately, you’ll know that the Little Mermaid Tsum Tsums have joined the group!

Within this set you can buy Ariel, Ursula, Eric, Max, Sebastian, Flounder, Scuttle and King Triton.

I actually think that King Triton is the cutest out of this new set, with his adorable little beard! If I was to go and buy any of these, it would be King Triton, Ariel and Max.

Unfortunately, with these being a new addition to the Tsum Tsum family, they are hard to come by at the minute, with them selling out as soon as they enter the store. So keep your eyes peeled for new deliveries!

If you were to buy any of these adorable Tsum Tsums, which one would you buy?

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