How To – Adorable Disney Paper Chains!

These cute little chains can be made so easily and quickly and can be used for a variety of different things.  Bunting at a child’s birthday party, decoration for a bedroom or even put in a picture frame for a personalised gift.

They’re pretty easy to make. All you need is a pencil, a pair of scissors, a piece of paper and a picture of your favourite princess (unless you’re an excellent artist, something I am not.)


1) Pick Your Princess


If you’re not very good at drawing, like myself, you need to head to Google, and search for pictures of your favourite princess. It’s much easier if you search for a silhouette. This means it’s the most basic picture out there making it easy to draw and it’ll have the best effect for your paper chain.

2) Start Folding!

Get your piece of paper and fold it length ways into rectangles. They should be thick enough to hold the picture of your princess. Make sure their arms touch both sides of the paper. This will make sure that they link up, if you do not cut them right to the edge, you’ll end up with lots of little individual princesses. Which is cute, but not exactly what we’re going for!

3) Draw Your Princess

As I said, make sure you draw your outline just the right size so her hands are touching each side of the paper. Don’t worry if your picture isn’t exact, you’ll be cutting round it anyway and it’ll even out when you cut it!

4)Start Cutting!
Now you get to start cutting your princess out of the paper and create your beautiful chain. Cut carefully and don’t try to get every last detail, it won’t make it through all of the layers anyway so get all of the solid lines and major bumps. Cut into the edges of the paper making sure to get the folds in there.

When you have cut round the entirety of your princess, open it carefully as not to cut it and ta da! A beautiful Disney paper chain!


I really enjoyed making these and got so addicted I made three different types. Can you guess which Princesses I made?



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