Getting Protective Over Your Favourite Disney Movie Be Like…

We all do it. Whether we care to admit it or not, we all get extremely protective over our favourite Disney movie or favourite character. Some of us are brave enough to voice these feelings, but the majority of us just quietly seethe and hope that they just….STOP.

So, whether you think you know Cinderella best, or whether you know more facts about The Jungle Book than anybody else, I’m sure you’ve been in some of these situations.

‘Hey, That Girl Over There is Wearing A _____ T-Shirt’


You don’t know that person. You’ve never seen them in your life. But all of a sudden seeing them with a t-shirt with your favourite character on makes you want to go over there and take it off them, THEY DON’T LOVE IT AS MUCH AS YOU DO.

When You Hear Someone Singing A Song From Your Favourite Movie


It could be in a store, in the street, it could even be the person you’re watching the movie with. In which case it becomes a silent competition to see who can sing the song the loudest.
Just hearing them singing the lyrics makes you boil inside. How dare they?

When You Walk Into The Disney Store and People Are Gathered Around Merch From Your Favourite Movie


You walk in there, all ready to squeal at some adorable Thumper teddies and you can’t get there because there’s already a group of people crowded around them talking about how cute he is.
So you have to stand there and wait for them to move.

‘Oh I LOVE _______!! It’s My Favourite Movie Ever, I Know Everything About It!’


This one shouldn’t boil you up. If anything it’s someone to bond with over your favourite movie but for some reason, someone else showing the slightest bit of interest in your movie is offensive. So when they say this to you, you politely smile but inside your teeth are grinding and your blood has turned to molten lava.
Keep smiling, the conversation will end soon and you can move on and forget it ever happened.

Finding a fellow Disney fan that loves the films as much as you do is always a pleasure. It’s nice to know that someone loves it as much as you do because you know you’re not alone and you feel a part of the community. However, you can’t help but get protective at first, even for just a little bit until you realise how ridiculous you’re being.

What film would you say you’re most protective over? Let me know!


4 thoughts on “Getting Protective Over Your Favourite Disney Movie Be Like…

  1. I wish I could say I’ve experienced this, but I weirdly haven’t! My favorite princess is Tiana, but anyone I’ve ever mentioned this to has said either, “Which one is that?” (clearly not a Disney fan) or “Oh, well my favorite is _____.” The only time I’ve ever heard anyone say they love Tiana is at the Disney store when I asked if they had a certain Tiana plush. “No! But I wish she was available – Tiana is a favorite around here.” 🙂

    1. Haha! Aww how can they not know who Tiana is?! I get that with Pocahontas though she’s my favourite princess and no one knows who she is 😦

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