Disneyfy Your Summer Holiday!

The season for summer getaways is fast approaching and I am looking forward to getting on that plane and jetting off to my holiday destination!
Before I start throwing clothes into my suitcase, I want to make sure that my wardrobe is up to scratch and that I am well prepared for a boring long haul flight, especially the depressing one on the way home when you’re not quite ready to come home.

Your love for Disney should not stop at home. You should be able to take it with you where ever you go and with this easy guide, you can! Who knows? You might even make some friends who share your love on your travels.



It won’t take long to find a Ariel inspired swim suit online, or to be honest, one based on any other disney character. This is a cute way to show off your favourite Disney movie and make sure you’re looking cute on the beach.



Fill your iPod with all of your favourite Disney tunes! This will keep you going in those long hours in the airport, or will leave your feet bopping off the end of the sun lounger while you’re soaking up all that lovely sun by the pool.
Either way, I’m sure whoever you’re holidaying with will appreciate you screaming the songs down their ear. Who wouldn’t?



Again, fill your phone, iPad or other tablet with your favourite Disney films. This will make the flight fly by and when you’re sick and tired of music, why not stick your favourite film on by the pool? What better way to relax than with your favourite film?



Reading a book by the pool is one of the most popular ways to enjoy the peace and quiet of a holiday getaway. It’s relaxing, it truly pulls you away from the real world and with a book like this, you’ll get to learn about the man behind the mouse and fall even more in love with the history of everything Disney.

I love adding little bit of Disney aspects to everything that I do. Not for everyone else’s gain but my own. It makes me feel comfortable and relaxed because the films, the songs and the characters are something I take solace in, take comfort in and they’re a part of my personality!
So if I can a little bit of that with me, I certainly will in any way that I can!

Got any other ideas? Let me know in the comments!



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