Merch Mondays

Sometimes you stumble upon great Disney merch in places you don’t expect. And they’re usually your favourite pieces.

I went to town with my boyfriend to try and get as much sun as we could on this bank holiday and we decided to have a root around Pop Boutique.

I found these dungarees almost straight away and couldn’t put them back down. They were a medium but I find with dungarees going up a size too big makes them a little bit more comfortable and relaxing to wear.

They have a little vintage style Mickey patch over a cute little pocket (which I went insane about) and sit really comfortably on my legs, making them great for summer. 

They were £20 and as far as I could see, were the only ones there.

Usually I post about Disney merch that you could potentially find online or in store yourself but you could possibly find these somewhere else! 

But I do like the fact that some Disney merch will be hidden gems in the back of charity shops or little independent shops.

So if you’re looking for some old Disney stuff, get yourself down to your nearest independent clothing store and have a root! You won’t regret it!  


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