‘I Remember That!’ – Disneyland Paris

Going to Disneyland as a child is one of my fondest memories because it was one of my happiest. Disneyland Paris is one of my favourite places in the world still to this day because of how much it meant to me when I was little and how many memories I’ve made with family and friends from when I was a toddler until now.
I don’t get to go that often, but when I do, there are some things that always take me right back to my first visit when I was a little’un.
Here are some of the things I remember from back in the day, maybe you will too!

When You First See The Disneyland Paris Sign

You will have only just got over the fact that you were on your way to Disneyland, you were just calming down when suddenly your parents say ‘look out the window!’ AND THERE IS IS! The sign that lets you know exactly where you’re heading and suddenly you lose it again. You’re screaming, on the verge of vomiting, bouncing up and down and crying all at the same time.
Somebody get me out of this car.

Hearing This Song When The Parade Starts

This was the parade song when I first started going to Disneyland and when that drum starts at the beginning, it still gives me chills.
The parade floats would start coming round the corner and you would already be trying to work out who you were going to be sporadically waving at first.
The float comes around with a beautiful princess waving at you and her faithful sidekicks stood right beside her. You’re waving so fast your arm feels like it’s going to come off. You’re just about to get upset that she’s turning the corner but here comes the next one!

Your Parents Pulling You Through The Crowd To Meet Your Favourite Character Before All The Other Children

meeting belle

Before you even left for Disney, you knew exactly who you were going to meet. And you made sure everybody knew that that was a vital part of the day. Your parents make that happen for you. You feel yourself being pulled past other children, squished through other parents that are trying to get there first. You suddenly feel a push into your back and then you’re face to face with your favourite character.
Then suddenly you become a mute.
All the while your mum is crying her eyes out while she holds the camera up taking as many photos as she can.

The Greasy Burgers and Chips


You’ve been on all the rides you’re big enough to go on. You’re starving and there’s only one thing that can fill that void. Mickey Mouse shaped greasy food. Your parents use you as a dibs for the nearest table and they’re off into the queue.
You wolf down that burger like theres no tomorrow, then try to make your parents keep the packaging cause it has Mickey and the gang on.

The Struggle of Getting Your Parents To Buy You That Toy From The Gift Shop That You Really Really Want


It’s the end of the day, and you’ve convinced your parents to take you to the gift shop. This is it. You walk in and your jaw drops at the sheer number of teddies and dolls.
Your eyes go one way, your hands reach one way and your feet walk another, completely in awe and confused as to what to go for first.
You pick up a teddy of Goofy that you’ve never seen in the store at home and push it into your parent’s knee caps, begging them to let you take him home.
After screaming for 10 minutes they say yes and take you to the till.

These are some of my memories from visiting the Disney parks!
Do any of these ring true with you? Or do you have any others?

Let me know!

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