Merch Mondays

I was always one of those kids in school that when it came to get ready for the new year in September, it was all about buying my stationary. Making sure I had a shiny new pencil case, all brand new unsharpened pencils and unused pens and a shiny new ruler, sharpener and rubber.

I was such a stationary nerd back then and I still am. I still prefer writing in notebooks than on a keyboard when it comes to taking notes or writing stories and I love having brand new stationary.

This is why, when I visited John Lewis the other day, I nearly screamed when I noticed this adorable little gem.

This teeny tiny plastic bucket comes with 15 little Mickey shaped erasers, all with little pictures of his happy face on them.

They also had Minnie Mouse erasers, but you get 16 Minnie erasers in that set.


The Mickey erasers are Β£4.99 for a tub and the Minnie ones are Β£3.99.

Even if you aren’t a big writer, these would still complete any Disney fan’s desktop.


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