Bring The Music of The Disney Parks To Your Home!

Whether you visit Disneyland California, Tokyo, Florida or Paris, the music in the parks plays a big part in your trip.

It’s what gives you butterflies as you enter the gates and first see the castle, it’s what gets you hyped while you’re waiting in the queue for the monorail and it’s what takes you right back when you’ve long left the park and it’s just a memory.

So, if you’ve had the pleasure of visiting one of the parks, or you’ve never been and you’re dreaming you could visit your favourite characters, 8tracks member Astronanners has created a playlist of all of the different songs you will hear throughout different Disney parks. There are 6 playlists to choose from; California Adventure, Disneyland, The Magic Kingdom, The Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot. Or you can choose to listen to all of the playlists one after the other, giving you a four hour playlists of Disney Parks music. -weeps-

You can find the playlists at

Do you recognise any of the tracks? Which one is your

Let me know!


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