Top 5 Spine Tingling Disney Songs

The songs in the films are part of the reason that we watch them. They bring us right into the action and they make us extremely emotional whether it be head over heels in love or down in the dumps sad.
The songs are what we remember singing when we were little, the first time we watched that certain film and that makes it even more special to us.

So, with the weekend ahead and plenty of time to sit and watch your favourite Disney film and sing your favourite songs, here are mine that I’m looking forward to screaming along to.


5)Everybody Wants To Be A Cat – The Aristocats 


This song is a classic and it’s such a feel good song. It’s got a jazzy beat, cats are singing and playing instruments what’s not to like?! Also being a cat would be kind of fun. You wouldn’t need to do anything all day except eat, sleep and practice your scales and your arpeggios.

4) When Will My Life Begin? – Rapunzel


This is one of those songs that when you figure out the words, you feel amazing because it’s such a fast paced song. It’s a song that we can all relate to. Not that we’re all locked up in a tower but we all have such busy lives that we don’t feel like we’re living life half the time, just working and passing the time.
It’s just a good song to start the movie off with and it gets your toe tapping!

3)A Whole New World – Aladdin


This is one of the duets that I find myself singing on my own, because when I watch this movie with other people, they kind of stare at me when I look at them to join in with the other part of the song. It’s much less awkward if I just sing it myself.
It’s a love song that perfectly describes the beginning of a new relationship. You’re both so excited of what’s ahead and what the other person can show you.
Whether you sing it on your own or you’re lucky enough to have someone who’s willing to sing with you, this is one you shouldn’t miss out.

2)Part of Your World – The Little Mermaid


To me, this is the ultimate Princess power ballad (is that even a thing?). I don’t think I’ve met anyone who has been able to resist the charms of this song. It’s a song about the struggles of a love that’s not really conventional and accepted and how determined Ariel is to get her dream man.
Starting off slowly and working up to standing on your feet, fists in power ballad stance, it’s impossible to not sing this song.

1)The Circle of Life- The Lion King

circle of life

How you can not love this song, even if you’re not a big fan of the movie (which to be honest I still don’t understand) is beyond my comprehension.
This is such a powerful, amazing song from beginning to end and gives me the chills as soon as I hear that first note. I don’t even have to be watching the movie for this song to make my eyes well up.
It’s just so beautiful and powerful and perfectly describes the balance of life that we are all a part of.
It will always be my number one Disney song!

So these are my top favourite Disney songs! Do you agree with my choices? If not, what are yours?

Let me know in the comments!


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