Merch Monday

This week I’m actually in love with my merch monday choice.
We’re going to Topshop this week, and they have an amazing choice of pyjamas, and I usually find that they’re quite fashionable and stylish. You don’t feel like you’re wearing kids pyjamas because they’re covered in Disney characters.

These ones are amazing because it shoes that if the princesses all hung out and had smart phones like we did, they wouldn’t be able to resist the power of the selfie either.
You get a white t-shirt featuring Belle, Jasmine, Ariel, Snow White and Cinderella posing together with a cute pair of grey shorts. Perfect for those warm summer nights.

The t-shirt looks like it’s not quite a crop top but it’s not a full sized t-shirt either which means it’ll be light and airy but you also won’t feel like you’ve got a belly top on when you’re lounging around the house.

The set is £22 and is available online now!


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