Star Wars Celebration – Day Three. 

We’re on day three of the Star Wars celebration week in Anaheim and if you’ve been keeping up with the events unfolding at the event, you’ll know that it’s been jam packed. 

Incase you haven’t, here are some of the things you’ve missed!

-right now, there’s a stream showing a panel named ‘Smuggers Bounty’ featuring Kyle Newman.  This panel will be discussing the second season of their Star Wars radio drama. Tune in now at to catch the panel!

-the new season of Star Wars Rebels was debuted. Characters like Rex and Wolffe have been added to the cast list. 

-there was a panel featuring the cast and creators of Star Wars Rebels, discussing the new season and answering questions from fans. 

I’ve also been sifting through the hashtag #SWCA looking at all the amazing cosplay at the event. It’s making me excited for Comicon to make it’s way around!

There is still one more day of this celebration with so much more to look forward to! Make sure you follow Star Wars’ Twitter to keep up to date so you don’t miss any panels!


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