Merch Monday

Clear spaces on your mantel piece, dust off your window sills, because Swarovski is giving us a gorgeous, Cinderella range in honour of the new movie!

One of the pieces in this collection is limited edition, so get your hands on it while you can.
The collection is a mixture of collectables and jewellery, so if you’re like me and literally have no room for any more Disney decor in your house, then you might be more interested in some of the jewellery you will find on offer in this collection.

You will find necklaces, bangles, earrings and matching sets.
My favourite piece of jewellery is the gorgeous Cinderella bangle. I don’t usually go for bracelets because I’m an idiot and get them off to play with them then end up losing them but I definitely wouldn’t risk it with this one. It’s a silver bangle with pink crystals, but you may also notice the tiny crystal butterfly sitting on the edge of the bracelet, which makes it even cuter.

The limited edition part of this set is a statue of the cartoon version of Cinderella. It’s only available this year and shows Cinderella mid spin while she shows off her gorgeous signature blue ballgown. At Β£349 a go, these aren’t cheap but they’ll definitely be worth the money to have in your collection!

You can also buy your very own glass slipper from this collection, but don’t worry it’s not limited edition so you’ve got all the time in the world.

Head over to to view the full collection on offer to you and find your perfect piece!


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