Pinocchio Is Next!

It seems we wake up every other morning to news that another great Disney classic is being re-made into a live action version, and this morning it is no different.
Today we have found out that Pinocchio is now in the works to being re-made, and although a date has not been confirmed, I guess we’ll be waiting a while for this one.

Pinocchio, the animated version, was Walt Disney’s second ever movie, and was released in 1940. It was based on an Italian children’s book which was written in 1883, so this story goes back a long way! And this wouldn’t be the first re-make, so Disney will have to pull some tricks out of their sleeves to make this one stand out from the crowd.

A director has already been confirmed, Peter Hedges, who directed films like About a Boy, has been hired to work with the script and it has been said that we will still be able to recognise the storyline of the original animated movie, but you will find that this film focuses more on the relationship between a father and a son.

With the animated version of Pinocchio winning two Academy Awards, Disney have definitely set the bar high for themselves with this re-make.

More news will be released as it comes!


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