Frozen Fever/Cinderella Review!

This is the first time since Sunday when I went to see Cinderella and Frozen Fever, that I have been able to sit down and write down my review!

I was so excited for every part of this cinema trip. Firstly I haven’t had salted cinema popcorn in a while and that’s always a must for me. Half the bucket was gone before the film even started (and I got a large), Frozen Fever has had such a build up since Frozen left off a few years ago, and of course everyone is raving about the re-make of Cinderella, so I was looking forward to seeing it for myself and forming my own opinions.

First off, Frozen Fever.
I loved Elsa’s character in the first film. She was sassy, she was mysterious and she was just so lovable in that you wanted to help her. And in Frozen Fever, she’s completely different. And that upset me. I understand that when we finished in Frozen, she had realised that the love of her sister is what broke the curse and it made her realise she doesn’t have to be afraid therefore new found confidence ensued but she’s COMPLETELY changed.


The closest thing we see to her original character is that she is flapping over how to decorate Anna’s birthday cake. After that she turns into this bubbly, happy character that’s just not the Elsa I know and love personally.

Everyone else is the same old characters. Anna is just as energetic, Olaf is the comic relief of the short and Kristoff and Sven are just the cutest as they try to stay out of Elsa’s way while she decorates the castle.
But..what I don’t understand is how when Elsa sneezes, (she has a cold, hence the name Frozen Fever), she creates tiny little snowmen…at least 5 for every sneeze. Could you be bothered dealing with that for the rest of your life? It just didn’t make sense to me.
Apart from that the song was a solid 5/10 but I did love the costumes. Elsa and Anna’s new Spring style dresses were gorgeous!

So I give Frozen Fever a 5.5/10.

On to the main event! This film was all around gorgeous! I completely loved it and had a lump in my throat for most of the movie.
All of the characters were perfectly cast. Lily Collins was a beautiful Cinderella and my other top character was Cate Blanchett. She was a perfect Step Mother.
Stunning, completely evil and she actually had an interesting backstory. (It’s not much different from the original, you just get a lot more information as to why she acts the way she does.)
I wanted to punch her all the way through the film so she had to be doing something right.
Oh and I have to give a round of applause to Helen Bonham Carter. She was fabulous as the Fairy Godmother, she completely made it her own and I loved every second of it. I’m gutted her part was so small in the film.

The costumes were gorgeous. All of them. I actually wanted some of Lady Tremaine’s dresses more than I wanted Cinderellas. They were so chic and I loved how most of them she had a tight skirt with a clashing pattern sitting over the side of the skirt on either side. It was almost like they’d made her dresses modern, even when everyone else’s was quite old fashioned.

I also liked how the animals couldn’t completely talk. I think I’m starting to prefer that in films, just because I think it gives the animal more personality when they can’t talk. All of the mice couldn’t talk, but the way they squeaked, you could nearly make out words,which was a great way to do it, because Cinderella’s mother says she believes people can talk to animals only if they truly listen. So it kind of connects us to Cinderella in that way that we are the only ones who can understand them. It makes you feel like part of the fairytale.

The scenes blend together beautifully, and the film made a well known fairytale seem new, so if you’re worried that you’re going to be bored watching this movie after countlessly watching the animated version, don’t be. There’s so much new information and certain scenes have been turned on their heads to create a feeling of a brand new story.

I give Cinderella a 10/10! Go see it now!!


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