I’ve Been Nominated for A Liebster Award!

Today is a proud day! Mickeymouseandme has been nominated for a Liebster award by Natalie Davis,  and I’d like to say thank you and you’ve made my day!
So, the way this award works is that I nominate three other people, answer the questions given to me by Natalie, then ask my three nominees five questions of my own!

So the three people I nominate are Natalie, Second Star to The Right and It’s A Great Blog After All!

And here are the questions Natalie asked.

1.What is your favorite Disney park?

My favourite Disney park is Paris. Just because it was the first one I went to when I was younger and to me, it has the most magical feel to it. Although the others are great fun, they feel more like theme parks than a Disney magical getaway! It makes me feel like a little girl again when I go to Disneyland Paris.

2.What is your favorite ride in your favorite Disney park?

My favourite ride in Disneyland Paris has to be Tower of Terror. It’s so creepy and the adrenaline rush is amazing! The first time I went on it, i was only convinced to go on it because my dad told me the screams of the people that went on it before me were recorded and weren’t real….how did I fall for that?
It turned out to be the funnest ride ever, including the build up before the actual drop.

3.What is your pet peeve you wish you didn’t have?

My stubbornness! Sometimes I get in a mood for absolutely no reason and even though I know I shouldn’t be, I’m too stubborn to come out of that mood and end up more annoyed with myself for the rest of the day because I ruined it for myself!

4.Do you like Instagram or Facebook better?

I like Instagram better. On Instagram I can see pictures of lovely foods, beautiful places and generally feel good posts that I enjoy looking through and often feel inspired by. Although Facebook is a good way to stay in contact with people, I find it’s often full of horrible videos, people posting nasty things and I end up feeling like I’ve wasted half my day scrolling through it all.

5. Who is your favorite Disney character?

Simba! No question. He’s so adorable and when he grows up he’s brave, he’s determined and he’s also a little bit stubborn like me so I love him to pieces!

My five questions for my nominees are,

1)What is your favourite Disney song?
2)If you could live in any Disney film, which film would it be?
3)What one food would you eat every day for the rest of your life?
4)If you could be an animal, which animal would you be?
5)Would you rather live in the Disney castle, or your favourite Disney hotel?

Thanks again Natalie!!

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