The Five Stages of Watching A Disney Film

Watching Disney films always goes the same way. It’s impossible not to fall in love with them, imagine yourself in amongst the characters and wondering what it would be like to be where they are.

Whether you’re at work and you’ve had that one film in your head that you’re determined to watch when you get home, or whether it’s the film that you know will bring you out of the bad mood you’ve been in for days, Disney films are always the best way to unwind.


1) You get all excited thinking about re-watching your favourite scenes, replaying them in your head while you get the film set up, singing your favourite song for everyone to hear (and wince in my case.)


2)Getting settled on the couch, your favourite Disney plush snuggled into your chest. Your eyes are widened as the opening credits start. You’re taken back to years gone by as you watch Tinkerbell dance past the picture of the castle. Walt Disney flashes underneath and you feel the butterflies fill your stomach.


3)Your favourite song – This is it. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! You sit up, you put your arms above your head and you belt out every word. And every bar of music for that matter. If you’re on your own, neighbours are probably so close to calling the police. If not then your friends or family are probably cowering behind pillows, just waiting for it all to be over.


4) That scene comes on. It may be a happy one. It may be a sad one. But for whatever reason, you always end up in tears. You just can’t handle the emotion and the nostalgia, as every word, every sound takes you back to when you used to re-watch the VCR version all those years ago.


5) The finale ends and you sit, paralysed as the credits roll past, staring at the screen still lost in the emotions. It takes a couple of seconds for you to move, reaching for the remote as you stop the credits and go back to the main menu. Now you’re wondering what to do with your life now...

Then you go through it all again the next day!
It’s an emotional roller coaster.





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