New Black Milk Disney Collection!

Ok self, breathe. In and out. In and out…..

Black Milk Clothing is an online clothing store, who recently opened a physical store in Australia, and they make amazing leggings, dresses, skirts and tops based on our favourite shows, favourite characters and loads of cool themes. 

 Last year they released a Disney range that had pieces like a Lion King skirt (which I obviously have), The Little Mermaid bomber jackets and leggings covered in Disney villains etc. 

Since then I have been wondering if they would expand, since Disney is so popular. 

And I woke up today to see I’d been tagged in a post on Facebook saying that they have answered my wishes! They posted a link to their Pinterest where they are showing the full range.

You’ll find pieces like Meeko and Percy leggings, Pride Rock crop tops and skirts showing the map of the 100 Acre Wood!

They outdid themselves with this new collection and I can’t wait to get my hands on some pieces!

Get yourself over to their Pinterest so you can cry over how beautiful the pieces are too!


2 thoughts on “New Black Milk Disney Collection!

  1. I have loooooooooads of pieces from the last collection: the Sleeping Beauty LS bodycon, the Tale as Old as Time skater dress, and pretty much all the Alice pieces. I’m not feeling this collection as much (I wrote about it yesterday too, coincidence!) so I’m really hoping there’s a third collection!

    1. Ahh I’m so jealous! I only have the Cinderella dress and the lion king skirt! Hopefully I’ll have more of a collection when the second one is released!

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