Disney Style Saturdays

This style saturday, we’re going to look at a new dress that we’ve only just been introduced to!
Since Cinderella has just been released in the cinema over here in the UK, I thought it only fitting to feature the gorgeous ball gown.

The dress was designed by Sandy Powell, and she says she watched the animated version before beginning her own designs, out of curiosity, (any excuse to sit and watch a Disney film) and said after watching the film that she wanted the live action gown to be huge.

β€œThe gown had to look lovely when she dances and runs away from the ball. I wanted her to look like she was floating, like a watercolor painting.”

The dress is made up of 12 different layers of materials including silk, polyester and nylon. Nine versions of the dress were made in the end, with a grand total of 10,000 Swarovski crystals. -drools-

cinderella dress

The dress has gorgeous detailing on the shoulders, with handfuls of crystal butterflies sitting in and around the material.

The glass slippers also have matching butterflies sitting on the toes, but actress Lily James did not actually wear the slippers whilst filming, instead leather shoes were edited to resemble glass slippers. Can you imagine trying to run in shoes made of crystal?

The dress does look stunning, and I think it’s a gorgeous real life adaptation, with a slightly more modern twist.

Do you think this dress was made perfectly? Or do you think they could have done better?



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