Top Five Disney Sidekicks

Our loveable Disney heros and heroins would be nothing without their sidekicks. They’re there to give advice, make us laugh and to give our favourite disney characters the push they need to get what they need.

Here are my top five sidekicks of all time!

5) Phil from Hercules


In fifth place is one of the angriest side kicks we’ve ever encountered in Disney films. Phil becomes Hercules’ trainer, in order for him to become a God and rejoin his father in Olympus.

Phil made it to this list because he’s strict, he only wants the best for Hercules and even goes so far as to keep Meg away as he sees her as a distraction. Which is fair enough, he does get all googly eyed.

In the end, all Phil wants is somebody that he can be proud of, and someone who could make him feel worthwhile. And he finds that in Hercules.



Flounder is one of the cutest side kicks.
In terms of smarts, he isn’t the best. But he’s there for Ariel through everything. Even in a sunken ship full of sharks he refuses to leave her on her own!
He’s got a heart of gold and I think we’re all just impressed that he managed to get that statue of Eric all the way to that cave. …

3)Jiminy Cricket


A list of Disney sidekicks would not be complete if it didn’t include Jiminy.
We all like to have a friend who is there to give us advice, point us in the right direction and to help us see right from wrong. And that is what Jiminy does for Pinocchio.
He tries to keep him on the right track, never losing his patience and helping him find his way when he sways off the path.
In the end he helps him get to his ultimate goal, of becoming a real boy!



Mushu has always been one of my favourite sidekicks. He’s hilarious, he’s honest and he has that classic story of ‘selfish know-it-all turns humble loving friend’ going on for him.
At first he only helps Mulan because he thinks it will earn him back a place as a guardian in the temple of Ancestors, but, as he comes closer to Mulan, he strives to help her become all she can be.
He ends up helping her kill the evil Shan Yu and save China!



There was only one sidekick that could make it to the number one spot. And that is our loveable, funny and innocent Dory!
Out of the goodness of her heart she helps Marlin find Nemo, taking him across the ocean and teaching him lessons he would have never learnt without her. She teaches him how to trust again, how to relinquish control and learn that you can’t always play it safe and get what you want.
She also helps him explore the ocean, answering questions that little Nemo dreams of answering.
She’s got the biggest heart out of all the sidekicks and I would love to have a friend like Dory. Even if it meant having the same conversation over and over again after she forgot it 10 seconds later.


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