Disney Poll : Which Remake Are You Most Excited About – The Results!

Thank you for everybody who voted in the poll, I really appreciate it and I love that you’re getting involved!

In fourth place, with no points, was Cinderella! I’m quite shocked about this one! I thought it would at least get some votes since we’ll be seeing it very soon but no, you’ve all shocked me! I suppose there have been a lot of Cinderella films so there might be a slight feeling of been there done that…

In joint second is Jungle Book and Dumbo! They each got 11% of the votes, and I understand why Dumbo didn’t make it to the top. It’s hard to imagine this film being re-made. Even with Tim Burton behind it. I hope they don’t ruin a classic when it comes round to making this one.

As for The Jungle Book, I think this one will be interesting. Any re-makes of this film are pretty old, so it’ll be interesting to see how they do it with today’s CGI technoloy.


Aaaand with a huge 78% of the vote, Beauty and The Beast takes first place! This is one of the most loved and well known musicals from Disney’s vault and we are all looking forward to falling in love all over again with Emma Watson taking the lead as Belle! Ahhh I can’t wait for this one myself!


Do you agree with the results? Did you think a different film deserved to win?

Thanks again for taking part in my poll and I’ll be releasing a new one soon!




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