Disney Style Saturdays

This week, we’ll be taking it a few years back to a character who has only started to be considered a princess in the last few years.
I hardly ever see any merchandise to do with this lady and there SHOULD BE. She’s amazing, she’s inspirational and she’s down right gorj.

This week’s style saturday, is Pocahontas!

Some of you out there might be thinking…really? And I understand why. Her dress isn’t all that from first glances.  But her whole style in general is what I love about her.

We’ll talk about her dress first. Although plain, it’s very figure hugging and correct me if I’m wrong, but this was kind of a first for Disney princesses. Yes some of the other dresses before Pocahontas alluded to a small waist or a big chest, but the princesses that came before her had dresses that left slightly more to the imagination.  Plus the tassel like details on the chest and the bottom of the dress give it that slight edge.

While we’re talking about firsts, you may have noticed that Pocahontas has a tattoo. Wrapped around her right arm is a red band, which, Disney were brave enough to put in in order to be historically accurate. I say brave because I am guessing in the early 90s tattoos were still a little bit of a taboo especially on women.

This also give’s Pocahontas’s character a really strong edge, as well as showing her dedication to her people and her tribe.

Lastly, her necklace. You COULD say it’s vintage, which makes her very stylish by today’s trends. It’s a family heirloom from her mother and suits her down to the T.  The way the blue stands out from the brown dress, it’s an outfit that with a little tweaking, could be brought into the 21st century.

Disneyland Pocahontas

real pocahontas


The dress is quite similar in the Disneyland version, I think the only detail on the dress itself that’s a little different, is the belt around her waist. It’s slightly thicker, whereas in the film it just looks like a tiny wrap. The necklace looks a little chunkier too.
I like how they’ve made the shoes match the dress. Obviously the actress can’t walk around the park barefoot, but it’s great that they’ve put effort into the shoes matching the dress instead of just making nude pumps.


Do you agree with this style saturday? Is there somebody you’d rather have made it here this week? Let me know!


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