Frozen 2 Confirmed!

Whether you love or hate Frozen, you can’t deny that it is EVERYWHERE.

I personally love it. After going to see it in the pictures four times and countless re-watches of the DVD, I can say that I could probably tell you the script backwards.

Well Disney fans AND parents of obsessed children, get ready for the next round of songs, the next round of never ending movie quotes and of course more teddies and dresses as Frozen 2 has been confirmed to be in development!

Chris buck and Jennifer Lee will be teaming up again to direct the second movie, as well as producer Peter Del Vecho. Which is a great thing to see the original team working on the second movie. It’ll make it more organic and loveable.

It was announced at the shareholders meeting this morning claims the Instagram post from Disneystudios. There were many familiar faces there including the Chairman of the company Bob Iger, the chief creative officer John Lasster and Josh Gad, who leant his voice to our beloved Olaf.

I for one have mixed feelings. Obviously I am so excited to hear that there’ll be new songs to sing and I’m intrigued to see where they take it, but on the other hand, it feels like Disney is becoming a Frozen machine. Obviously it’s a business and they have to make money, but the reason I love Disney movies is because of the constant variety, and their ability to create beautiful, lovable stories.

So half of me is excited, but the other half is wanting them to quit while they’re on top and start looking to brand new projects that we can fall in love and obsess over. Either way I’ll be in the queue at the cinema.

There hasn’t been any more news released, and the team are currently working on more details so I  will keep you informed!

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