Magicbands Introduced at Disney World, Making Your Experience More Perfect (If that’s Possible)

As if I wasn’t checking the Disney World website enough, seeing how much it would cost me to visit, crying over new rides and parades that I won’t see.

But now they’ve introduced a new feature into the parks that is aimed at keeping your visit as smooth as possible.

Picture being able to walk up to your favourite ride and by scanning your wristband, you can jump right into the carriage, because you’ve already booked your place. This will also meet with meet and greet with characters. No longer will you have to wait half an hour to squeal in Winnie the Pooh’s face!

Really want that teddy of Donald Duck in the window of the shop on Main Street U.S.A? No problem. Just go and scan your wristband at the till, it’s connected to your credit card.

And amazingly, they have a transmitter that can reach a range of 40 feet, which can come in handy when it’s time to eat. If you’re been using your band to book places on rides, you will find that you can also use this band to book places and meals in your favourite Disney restaurant.

And using this transmitter, the host will be able to find out when you’re within touching distance of the restaurant, and a extra signal will be sent to the kitchen, so they can start cooking your food. All before you’ve even say down. Lastly when you sit down at your table, the signal will be set back to the kitchen so they’ll know where to send your food!


This is just the beginning of the $1 billion project. But since the CEO Bob Iger and Pixar member John Lasseter loved the test run, it is set to become a park wide project, with lots of other ideas being integrated into the system.

Some of the things that have been suggested are based on the fact that the bands come with a transmitter, which could mean that sensors could be placed all over the park, helping to find out exactly where you are in the park.

Now before you panic about how this is an invasion of your privacy, you won’t be complaining when the park uses the signal to help your favourite character find where you are in the park. Exactly.
There have also been talks of using the signal to track how long you’ve been waiting in the queue for a ride, and possibly sending a voucher for a free ice cream or a discount coupon as a sorry for your wait.
Also imagine at the end of the day having the chance to buy a ‘Story Engine’ video, which will feature pictures and videos of your day at Disney captured by cameras all over the park. It’ll be like having your own personal Disney World advert!

The bands come in grey, blue, green, pink, yellow, orange and red.
And if that wasn’t enough, when they come to you in the post, you’ll find your name etched in the side.


2 thoughts on “Magicbands Introduced at Disney World, Making Your Experience More Perfect (If that’s Possible)

  1. I really want the magic bands to come to Disneyland! It works awesome in Disney World! I have a pink magic band!:)

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