Top 5 Disney Easter Eggs

Whether you take easter eggs as simply a character popping up in a different film designed to make you go ‘OH MY GOD LOOK!’ and jump up and down like an infant, or whether you believe that each easter egg has some kind of deep theory behind it, they’re something that we’ve grown to look for in every movie that Disney makes.

And when we find them all on our own, we feel a sense of pride. Especially since some of them are ridiculously hard to spot.

It’s hard to search for Disney Easter eggs without being bombarded with pictures of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider visiting Elsa’s coronation, so I thought I’d mix it up a bit.

Here are some of my favourite easter eggs from recent and not so recent Disney movies.

5) Mrs Potts and Chip in Tarzan

 During the scene in which Turk and the gang wreck Jane’s camp, there is a quick moment in which Mrs Potts, her son Chip and some other familiar looking crockery are being used as percussion instruments! I like this one because it’s simple, it’s quick and I feel it’s just a way for you to sit up and remember another one of Disney’s greatest musicals.

4) Dumbo in Lilo and Stitch


This one is a little bit harder to spot and if you aren’t looking at the screen at just the right moment, you might miss it! But that’s what makes looking for them so fun. When we see Lilo heading to the window to see the ‘shooting star’ that turns out to be our favourite alien Stitch, you’ll see she has a cuddly toy of Dumbo sitting in the easel tray next to her! I don’t blame her for having a Dumbo teddy. I have one myself and it’s rather cuddly.

3) Posters for Jungle Book and Toy Story 2 in Meet the Robinsons

meet the robinsons

This one seems to be a little bit of a forgotten one. I feel like Meet the Robinsons is massively underrated, which is probably why this easter egg isn’t really spoken about.
In the scene where Goob is playing his big baseball game, you might see a couple of familiar faces in the form of movie posters in the background.
If you look reeeally closely, you should see a poster of The Jungle Book and Toy Story 2 right behind him.

2) Big Hero 6- Hans in Wanted Poster at Police Station


This one is just one of my favourites because one, Hans is a top douchebag and gets completely bullied in Big Hero 6, and because Big Hero 6 is such a good film and is probably making it’s way up the list of my favourite Disney movies.
Hiro and Baymax visit the local police station after finding an abandoned warehouse full of his stolen microbots and you should be able to see a wanted poster behind the police man’s head, with a warrent out for Hans’ arrest. What a douchebag. Even after a punch from Anna, he still hasn’t learnt his lesson.
Leopards and their spots ay.

1) Scar as a Throw Rug in Hercules



Now you might find in this posts that anything to do with the Lion King reaches number one, or there is a level of favouritism towards it’s characters. Sorry not sorry. It’s just the best alright?
If you’re not familiar with The Lion King, you should first reassess yourself and watch the movie and when you do, you should find that during the film, Zazu makes a comment that Scar would make ‘a very handsome throw rug’ and that Mufasa could ‘take him out and beat him’ when he got dirty.
In Hercules, we can see Herc himself wearing Scar’s fur as a headdress, which he then throws on the floor.
Then to rub salt in the wound, Phil uses his body to wash the make up from his face.
You deserve it Scar.
You’re a complete doucher and I hate you.

Did you already know about any of these easter eggs? Are there any others that you think are better?

Let me know in the comments!

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