Top 5 Disney Villains

We all love to hate the villains in our favourite Disney movies. Because let’s be honest, our films wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for them. So it’s time to give them their due.

And so, in honour of that love/hate relationship, here are my top five Disney villains of all time.

5) Ursula the Sea Witch – The Little Mermaid

In 5th place, is a villain that I feel is one of the most truly petrifying villains in the entire Disney universe. She is definitely one of the most cunning baddies and the fact that she is half octopus doesn’t help the nightmares. She is such a good villain because she draws you in, she is full of charisma and makes you almost…like her in a sense. Obviously keeping sea-people as tiny urchins stuck to the sides of a cave isn’t cool of her and we wouldn’t want to get on her bad side, but she’s so undeniably sassy.

4) Lady Tremaine – Cinderella

This lady HAD to make this list because she is 110% a horrible woman. There is not a good bone in that woman’s body and that’s what makes her a good villain. It isn’t often that a complete stone faced villain makes it into a Disney movie, because it’s too scary for children, there’s usually a likeable aspect to their character, like an ability to sing or that they’re a little bit of a joker. But you don’t get any of that with Lady Tremaine. She uses Cinderella like some kind of house keeper, she is using her own daughters to marry into power and money and lets not forget that her cat is named after the devil itself.
Lady Tremaine, I salut you, for being completely and utterly pure evil.

3) Mother Gothel – Tangled 

I REALLY like Mother Gothel. Not in a ‘oh I’m so proud of you for stealing the princess’ kind of way, but because of how clever she is. If the film started from Lady Gothel and Rapunzel living in the tower, and we didn’t see any of the beginning of how she took her from her parents to use her for her hair, we wouldn’t be any the wiser that she was a villain. Because all of her horridness towards Rapunzel is emotional and mental abuse and that’s something we haven’t really seen before as a villain’s main aspect. Whenever we see Gothel in the film she is constantly putting Rapunzel down, making her insecure and keeping her inside that way, we can see that because Rapunzel refuses to leave. Rapunzel isn’t chained up or anything so it’s obvious that she’s believing every word Gothel says! And every time she says I love you to Rapunzel, she is saying it to her hair, or kissing her hair. It’s all very slight, and that’s what makes her such a powerful villain.

2) Hades – Hercules 

Hades is my number two because of how ridiculous he is. From the off he’s a comedian and you can see that nobody takes him seriously and in a way I feel sorry for him. All he wants is a little credit and you can tell that he’s got big brother issues, sick of living in Zeus’s shadow.  It’s clear he isn’t a threat, because Zeus himself invited him to the party for Hercules’s birth.
His minions are two tiny idiots who are not threatening in the slightest and you can blow the fire on his head out in one puff. He’s a completely useless villain and I think we can all agree that he should try his hand at stand up instead. I’d go and watch!

1)Scar- The Lion King 

My number one is from my favourite Disney film of all time. Probably favourite film of all time in general. But, I also think he’s an all around great villain.
He’s willing to kill his own family to get what he wants, and in a really brutal way too. He was happy to sit there and watch his brother and his new nephew get trampled to death.
His followers are pretty scary. I wouldn’t want a group of hyenas after me!
But he’s also got charisma, something that makes you want to watch the scenes he’s in on his own. He’s not boring to watch and you want to know his back story. You want to know WHY he’s the way he is, in fact there are plenty of theories out there, you only need to google it to see fan art, fan fiction depicting his childhood and it’s all pretty deep stuff.
Plus he’s a good singer and that’s always a good thing for a villain for those ominous solo song scenes.

So there you have it! They’re my top five Disney villains.

Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments!


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