Disney Style Saturdays!

There are so many beautiful costumes in the Disney movies, and above the age of 14, there’s nothing you can really do but sit and admire how gorj the character looks in their clothes. Unless you want to pay around £150 for a decent replica.

This is a look at some of the beautiful costumes we see in the films, and in turn, on the characters at the parks!
And the first one is pretty obvious… and it’s one dress we all wish we could have. And that’s Elsa’s ice dress!

This dress is gorgeous, the detail on the arms, the diamonds on the chest, the long flowing cape made of sheer ice, EVERYTHING. The little slit on the right leg gives it that little bit of an edge, which we haven’t really seen on a Disney character’s dress before.

I’d love to be able to strut my stuff in that gown the way Elsa does, and to be honest I’d love to get dressed the way Elsa does. Be able to walk out the door and my clothes form themselves around me as I go? Imagine the time saved.

Disneyland Elsa

tumblr_nhsq86BsbD1s9njzmo2_1280 (1)


And here’s the real life Disneyland version.
Obviously it’s a little different, it could never be exactly the same!
There’s a lot more glitter on the bodice, and the cape isn’t as glittery but I still think it’s a beautiful replica.

Do you think Disneyland could have made a better replica for the park character?
What do you think of the animated version?
Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Disney Style Saturdays!

    1. It’s not necessarily number one 😊 there’s no particular order! I just really like elsa’s dress! Haha thank you for commenting though 😊

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