Cinderella Mac Collection Goes Live in the UK!

As most of you probably know by now, as you either kept refreshing Mac’s website, or you were waiting for them to email you so you could quickly head to the website in a frenzy, Mac has finally let us at the Cinderella range.

I was in work at the time and was so desperate to get my hands on the lipstick that I had to text my bank details over to my sister! That’s why this article is a little late too. Oops!

But! She did manage to get hold of it for me so I’ll be reviewing that in a couple of days once it’s in my clutches.

Most of the stuff was sold out in a matter of hours, including the powder and one of the shades of the lipstick and it’s unclear when or even whether it will be re-stocked but it’s always worth checking the website again in a few days if you didn’t get hold of anything!

You might still be in luck! There are still items in stock on the website including the blending brush, the angled contour brush and the mascara.

If you did manage to get hold of anything, let me know in the comments!


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