Today in Disneyland History: Aunt Jemima Pancake Races

Today, back in 1957 was the first Disneyland Pancake Day race!

In my house, and I’m sure in most houses of the UK, pancake day is spent making pancakes, making a second round after the first round was dropped on the floor after a failed flip, then covered in every marshmallow, chocolate chip and ounce of whipped cream in sight.

But, imagine if all of the mums in our streets headed out out the front door with our pancakes in the pan and all raced each other down the street.

If you were around Disneyland today back in 1957, that’s exactly what you would have seen!

Each housewife was dressed in a skirt and apron, and would race down Main Street U.S.A, with pancake in pan in hand.

This was used as a publicity stunt to get more people into Disneyland, and I’m sure it worked!

Especially when, at the time, there was an Aunt Jemima’s kitchen serving up fresh pancakes…*drools*


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