Dapper Day!

It’s days like Dapper Day that make me wish that I lived within driving distance of a Disney park!

If you’re unfamiliar with Dapper Day, it is a tradition in Disney Parks where you dress up for the day in a more formal fashion, with most who get involved  heading more towards the vintage look, women donning cute prom style dresses and fascinators and men in swarve suits and hats. This is due to the fashion of guests that first attended Disney World back in the 50s, which I think is SO good.

It’s not just a thing where you turn up and you’re more dressed up than the average visitor, and you don’t have to sign up to anything or buy a special ticket, it’s simply another great way for Disney fans to come together and celebrate their love for the parks.

And, you may have seen my post about Disney Bounding, some very dedicated fans have taken it far beyond turning up in big beautiful outfits, and have decided to combine these two great traditions. As you can see in the featured picture! These two lovely ladies have used Dapper Day to Disney Bound as Cinderella and Belle!

These days include meet ups, styling suites, unofficial after parties and EXPOs in the Grand Californian Hotel. So so jealous.

My Instagram is filled with those who are celebrating the Dapper Days, and if like me you can’t get there and want to cry over the pictures of others enjoying themselves, you can head to Instagram and search for ‘peopleofdapperday’. There are so many beautiful pictures of people enjoying themselves in the parks, and it’s just so nice to see large groups of people coming together to enjoy the parks in different ways.

It gives a whole new edge to the Disney community and makes you feel like you are really part of something, even if you don’t get there.

If you head to the website dapperday.com, you can find information about upcoming events, how you can meet up with fellow Dapper Day enthusiasts in the park if you’re lucky enough to get there, or just find out more information about the history of the celebrations!

I’d love to try and create a dapper look for a harder character to capture, like Simba or Tick-Tock from Peter Pan!

If you could get there, who would you dress as?




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