Happy Disney Bounding Month!

White Rabbit! And Happy March to you all 🙂

March is the unofficial month of Disneybounding and I am so excited to get into it and share my outfits!

If you’re not familiar with Disney Bounding, it’s a way for you to dress up as your favourite disney character, taking it to whatever extreme you want. Whether it’s just following the colour scheme of your character, or taking it the full extent and finding the exact outfit with similar clothing in your wardrobe!

It’s just a really cool way of showing your love for Disney, and even just challenge yourself to wear more colourful outfits. It’s really fun to see your friends say things like ‘your outfit reminds me of someone…’ You will often see pictures of couples dressed as their favourite Disney pair as well, which I think is the best thing ever.

The community is so strong, that you will often find meet ups are organised in the Disney parks in California and Florida.

The online community of Disney Bounders, largely found on Tumblr, uses the month of Disney Bounding to set a challenge of dressing as our favourite characters as often as we can throughout the month and sharing pictures online so we can get some tips from other Disney bounders or even just show off how creative we can be with our outfits.

You only have to google Disney Bounding, followed by the name of your favourite character to get outfit ideas, or to see pictures of other people dressed as this character for inspiration. Or, you could try to come up with the outfit on your own by just using a picture of the character you have in mind for inspiration.

I posted on here last year about how I was Disney Bounding as Lady for a trip to Disneyland I took last month and I bought the little details on Etsy, a great place to get little bits of jewellery or detail to add to your creation to make it that little bit more individual.

So in honour of Disney Bounding month, I’ve been having a look through the best Disneybounding blog out there, disneybound.tumblr.com, ran by the extremely creative Leslie Kay to find some of my favourite outfit ideas that I’m excited to try out this month 🙂 This includes a couple idea (which I WILL force my boyfriend to take part in) and two very bright outfits that would be great for the upcoming Spring season, including Cinderella, to celebrate the upcoming film!




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