Disney Princesses Overtake M.A.C with Cinderella Collection

God help the Disney Princesses of the UK.

M.A.C released a teaser earlier on in the year of a make up collection based around the re-make of Cinderella, due to premiere next month.  This includes an eye shadow palette, eye gloss, pigment,mascara, lip glass, powder, glitter and make up brushes.

I’m not the biggest make up enthusiast, due to the fact that when I put it on, it looks like I did it with my left hand, but I WILL get my hands on something from that line.

Obviously, since USA is golden child of the world, they get all of these movies first and therefore all of the perks and within hours of Mac releasing this glorious make up collection into the world, it was completely sold out.

Somebody who was lucky enough to get one of everything, put the set on eBay for $1,250.  Am I the only one who would probably pay that?

America are also lucky enough to have designers working on shoes to resemble Cinderella’s glass slipper, which will only be available in stores like Harrods and Saks Fifth Avenue. Sly.

I think this hysteria is partly due to the excitement of the film, but everybody has a little bit inside of them that loves everything Disney. And those of us who wear make up would love nothing more than to have make up in our bags that has the Disney logo down the side of it, making us the envy of our fellow Disney-ites.

The collection will be gracing the UK from March 13th, so you can either risk trying to snap something quickly up online, or join me in the queue all day, rain or shine to get your hand on these limited editions.

If I have to throw my shoe at somebody to get something I will.

At least I’ll leave the ball like Cinderella did.



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