New Years Resolutions

We are well on our way into 2015 and I wish I could be really positive and be like ‘oh where did January go? This year is going so fast already!’

But after speaking to a few people about their troubles and crying over my own bank statements, that last month went at a snail’s pace and I’m glad it’s over. Now my bank account can start looking beautiful again.

When money is tight, and you’re spending your time window shopping, sobbing over the fact that you can’t even afford the 70% discounts, it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  While you’re sat in front of your tele, catching up on re-runs of Nothing to Declare (it can’t just be me), you can fall into an abyss of worry, upset and depression.

But, at the beginning of the year, we all set new years resolutions, whether they be to lose weight, get a better job, move out of our parents houses etc etc and these are BIG goals. Big goals that we don’t really see the effects of for months into the year, which can make us feel like kind of a failure and that we’re not really doing anything with our time.

However, I decided for my new years resolution, that I would keep a day to day journal. Not documenting every single detail because who really cares what type of smoothie I ordered from Costa that day…but of the little important things that will make me remember that every day is a chance to learn and every day is important.

Every night I write down one fact I learnt during the day, one good thing that happened to me  and one lesson that I could learn from that day. It’s a great chance to reflect, to look back and think well yeah work was crap but I did manage to finally make that meal I’ve been craving when I got home. That kind of thing.

I’ve also been keeping little momentos from certain days like cinema tickets, business cards from restaurants I visit, and it’s looking pretty full, and that makes me feel great. It reminds me that time isn’t just slipping through my fingers and that I’m actually doing something with my life and taking advantage of opportunities. It’s such a great thing to have documentation of your year in your hands,  you do so many things that you can forget to stop and think I really enjoyed that or that day was really beneficial.

It’s only been one month. If you’re feeling a little down or just need a pick me up at the end of every day, go root for an empty notebook in the drawers and start tonight.
Give yourself a little positive energy boost!


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