Feast / Big Hero 6

As soon as the lights came up, I was beaming from ear to ear.

Big Hero 6 met my expectations and surpassed them in every way, and the gorgeous short ‘Fetch’ shown before the film was the icing on the cake.

This film has been in plans since 2006, when Don Hall started to look for an older comic series that they could resurrect after the purchase of Marvel for $4.24 billion and they found it with a series from the nineties about a group of superheroes from Tokyo who were led by a character called Silver Samurai, but obviously they had to reinvent it to fit into Disney’s image.

Everything about the film Big Hero 6 was SO good. The characters had that flawless Disney character look about them, but still had that cool Marvel edge.  You could definitely tell it was a Disney film,  everything was so bubbly and colourful, but that’s what made it perfect for me.  You could get caught up in the action but still be like ‘aww but look how pretty….’

The humour in the film was perfect, the whole theatre was laughing from beginning to end. It seemed to contain a lot more clever humour than I have gotten used to seeing in previous Disney films, there was definitely more to it, and you can tell that the directors and writers of this film had really considered the thought that the majority of the audience for this film would be slightly older, although it was still enjoyable for younger audiences.

It had a feeling of The Iron Giant to it, not because of the plot, but because of the relationship between Hiro and Baymax and the loveableness of Baymax. I know that’s not a word, but just go with it.

I also loved how it resembled a comic, you could tell that the directors wanted to keep the origins of the film in there somehow, without taking away from the Disney film feel. In the original comic series, Baymax was a shape shifting creature who could change into a robot or a dragon when it came to action packed fights, but in this film, he’s a loveable, huggable airbag who is programmed to be a nurse and nothing more. So he has definitely been Disneyfied.

I love going to see Disney films in the cinema, because it makes me nostalgic about going to watch Disney films in the cinema with my parents when I was younger, taken in by the loveable characters, the gorgeous colours and the bouncy storyline, and I love that it’s the same now.

But, one thing that I have started to appreciate more, are the shorts that are played before the film.

The feature length films can teach us lessons, nobody can take away the lessons films like UP, Toy Story or even The Lion King have taught us, but recently, I have started to appreciate the short films shown before the movie for what they teach and what they have to say.

Shorts like Paperman and The Moon La Luna play over in your mind for days after you leaved the cinema because of how they make you feel, and Feast is no different. We see life from the point of view of a dog who has been living the high life, eating nothing but pizza and bacon until his owners new girlfriend changes everything and introduces a new healthy diet…and he doesn’t like it.

Again, don’t want to give too much away, but I felt every emotion under the sun in less than 7 minutes, which shows how impressive and powerful these shorts can be.

With talks of Big Hero 6 already being a big contender for an Oscar, it’s a sure thing that this film is going to be a big hit this year, and you definitely shouldn’t miss it, and get there in time for the adverts so you’re sure not to miss Feast too!

Watch this space for a vinyl toy review with Baymax as well. I will not rest until he is a part of my collection.



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