Let’s Talk Tea: Peppermint Tea

I haven’t bought a lot of new teas recently, mostly because I’ve been waiting for all the winter ones to come out! (I.E. waiting for tea companies to start putting cinnamon and caramel in everything.)

This one isn’t particularly a winter tea, it’s quite popular all year round, but I’ve never tried it because I’ve been too distracted with all the complicated and more posh flavours on offer.

I only tried this because I was staying in a hotel in Manchester and I didn’t like the brand of the only breakfast tea they had (how snobby) so I decided to give it a go.

It’s got an extremely strong smell when you open the box, it really does open up your sinuses, so it’d be great for people with colds!  But when you taste the tea and take a gulp, you can feel that cold refreshing feeling all the way down your throat and in your nose, so I’d definitely drink this tea as a morning tea to wake you up before your day.

The colour just looks like normal tea, there isn’t anything special about it, and the smell of the hot tea isn’t as strong as the tea bag in the box so that just makes it a little bit less in your face. But with the smell of peppermint at any level being good for stress, it’s good news all around! And on top of that is great for nausea, fevers and cough.

You should be careful to drink this tea if you’re pregnant, it does have some side effects that could cause you to miscarry, so it might be best to avoid this if you’re carrying a little one!

I drink this tea with no milk and no sugar, which means it is only two calories per cup. Not bad at all and it could also replace those after eight mints if you’re looking for that chocolate kick but don’t want the extra guilt!


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